The premier KYC and Identity Verification

Didit introduces the ultimate solution in identity verification and KYC. It merges an unparalleled user experience with the latest AI-technology.

Document verification (NFC, OCR or 1 click Didit-sharing)

Facial Verification (Liveness detection and Biometric check)

AML Screening (PEP & Sanctions)


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Why choose Didit?

Next-gen software transforming and automating your KYC process. Ensuring effective user onboarding, Didit stands out as the swiftest and most secure identification, optimizing costs and maximizing revenue.

Re-usable ID verification

Advanced algorithms enable verifications in just 1 second, leading the industry standard

Unparalleled security

Using NFC and OCR technologies, we ensure genuine and unaltered data verification

Fastest solution

Prioritizing user comfort, our solution offers the most accessible experience in the market


By reducing overheads and streamlining processes, our competitive fees significantly enhances your revenue potential

Seamless verification automation

Revolutionize your operations with Didit's automated verification system. Designed for the efficiency-driven modern business

Hands-free, error-reduced verification processes

Advanced algorithms for swift processing

Real-time results for immediate actions

Optimized for high-volume verification demand

Highest security standards

Using either NFC for chip-based docs or OCR for text-based ones, we minimize errors for top-tier security

Supports 3000+ documents across + 200 nations

NFC for Chip-Based Security, OCR for Text-Based Verification

Highly Adaptable Verification

Trustworthy and reliable verification every time

Speedy verification mastery

Harness the power of rapid identity checks. With advanced algorithms, navigate the forefront of digital verification, ensuring swift and dependable results

Verifications completed from just 1 second

Advanced algorithms ensuring swift and accurate processing

Customizable verification levels

Easily integrate with your current operational systems

Optimal cost, maximum profit

With the industry's lowest fees, every verification becomes an opportunity. Ensure accuracy while enhancing your bottom line, one check at a time

Significant cost reductions in verification processes

Streamlined operations for increased efficiency

Enhanced ROI with optimized overheads

Financial growth through operational excellence


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Swift, Secure and Compliant Identity Verification

From scanning various forms of ID and facial recognition technology to ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering standards and confirming age eligibility, our platform provides a holistic approach to identity verification that's both quick and in line with global regulations.


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