The premier KYC and Identity Verification

Didit introduces the ultimate solution in identity verification and KYC. It merges an unparalleled user experience with the latest AI-technology.

Document verification (NFC, OCR or 1 click Didit-sharing)

Facial Verification (Liveness detection and Biometric check)

AML Screening (PEP & Sanctions)


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The challenge

Efficient, secure client verification is key in modern business. Companies need a system that's fast, safe and aligns with stringent compliance standards.

Our technolgy

Didit platform enhances client onboarding, focusing on efficient identity verification and KYC, ensuring smooth and trustworthy interactions.


Adhering to GDPR, eIDAS 2, and MiCA standards, our platform ensures client data safety with Secure data vaults and robust encryption.

Verify identities in less than one minute


Verification Accuracy


First-Time Pass Rate


Reusable Identity


Document types



3 to 30s

Response time

The KYC solution adapted to your needs

With more than 3,000 types of identity documents and thanks to AI-based facial recognition, Didit offers a fast, secure and compliant verification system for all regulations such as eIDAS 2, MiCA or GDPR.

Document verification

Leverage our user-friendly verification system, incorporating NFC and OCR technologies, for authenticating documents issued by local authorities, guaranteeing their legitimacy and safety.

Document verification
Facial recognition

Facial recognition

Confirm the physical attributes of your visitors with AI-based biometric systems and Liveness Test for the most accurate verification on the market.

AML & PEP sanctions lists

Safeguard your users and reputation while protecting your business against financial fraud and money laundering with our robust Anti-Money Laundering screening process.

AML & PEP sanctions lists

Ready for the next step?

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Ready for the next step?

Why choose Didit to verify identities?

Unparalelled Security

Using NFC and OCR technologies, we ensure genuine and unaltered data verification.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Our competitive fees enhance your revenue potential so that you can focus on what really matters.

Reusable Verification

Prioritizing user comfort, Didit enables quick verifications leading the industry standard.

Secure Data, Smarter Insights

Your clients data is safely stored in Didit’s Business Console, an interface that provides useful information about your user’s verification processes, their experience during the process and abandonment rates.

Secure Data, Smarter Insights

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