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Didit is the first human-centered identity that empowers individuals while respecting their confidentiality

The first identity platform empowering people with confidentiality

Enjoy maximum security, one interaction at a time

Maximum security, one interaction at a time

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All your essentials in one place

With Didit, your personal information transcends security; it becomes untouchable. We envelop your ID and social profiles in leading-edge encryption, safeguarding them completely.


Sovereign Data Vaults technology

Your data is stored in a secure, encrypted container, ready for the internet's next era. Only you can decode and share your information, selecting what to reveal.

Engaging with on application is like selectively opening your vault. You decrypt only what's necessary, keeping the master key - your data's encryption - solely in your control.


Share only what you want, when you want


Join over 50000+ humans worldwide


Privacy isn’t a feature, it’s a fundamental human right

Didit is committed to comply with most stringent standards. Our obligation to you goes beyond simplifiying your digital experience. We’re fortified to protect what is yours.



We respect your data privacy rights, ensuring every bit of your data is treated with utmost confidentiality.



Our systems and operations follow the world's leading information and security standards.


World-Class Encryption

Our systems and operations follow the world's leading information and security standards.


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Ready to revolutionize how you manage your data on the internet? Didit is more than a service—it's your gateway to digital freedom. Take control of everything you share, from your ID to your social profiles, and live on your own terms. Don't miss out—embrace Didit and elevate your digital game.

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