How Does Digital Identity Work

How Does Digital Identity Work?

November 14, 2023

The new digital identity technology is interoperable, meaning that it allows users to access and operate on multiple websites and applications with a single profile. It is a more convenient and user-controlled system that offers greater security for personal data.

For a long time, users have had to relinquish their personal data to platforms, applications, and web portals. They have allowed these entities to use their data, sometimes without full transparency, and have trusted them to manage it properly. In reality, there was no other option. To use an online store or social network, users had to register with the site and generate data from their browsing activity. Although theoretically, all this information belongs to the user, in practice, only the platform collecting it can use it.

The new digital identity technology allows users to take control of their data and browse more freely. Imagine being able to access any website or application without registering or having to fill out your information each time you visit a new site. This is the concept of online identity that is emerging today.

Digital identity encompasses almost everything we do and have on the internet. Until now, it has been fragmented into multiple profiles and distributed across databases of different companies. However, there is a group of new-generation technological proposals that meet certain key requirements. Two of the most important requirements are interoperability and user-controlled data.

How Digital Identity Works

If we consider these two basic characteristics, interoperability and user-controlled data, we can explain how digital identity technology works. To begin, if you create a profile with your identity, you can access two basic functionalities:

  • Authentication on multiple websites, which allows you to access all these portals or applications with a single account. This is based on information that verifies your identity and ensures that you have authorization to access a particular site.

  • Control of your data, which allows you to have all the information you want to share under your supervision. In this way, no website can use data about you without your authorization, and you will always know how and who is using your information.

In summary, digital identity technology offers a more secure, interoperable, and user-controlled system for managing personal data online. With this technology, users can access and operate on multiple sites and applications with greater convenience and ease while keeping their personal data safe and secure.

How Does Didit Work?

Didit is a digital and financial identity solution that is poised to become the digital identity layer of the internet. It can easily integrate into any website or application, and anyone can create their identity with just a wallet. This solution is designed to be accessible to everyone and for all of the internet. By using an API or SDK, any application or website can integrate the solution with a few simple code modifications, making it easy to expand its use online.

Getting started with Didit's digital identity is simple. As an application or website, you can integrate the solution to allow users to create their digital identity with just a wallet. As a user, you only need a blockchain wallet (or any program or device capable of making a digital signature) to create your digital identity with Didit. Here's how:

  • Create your Didit account on our website or any application that has integrated the solution. Your digital identity will be automatically generated when you attempt to access or register on one of these pages or applications.

  • Connect to the application with our solution using your blockchain wallet.

  • Simply sign a transaction (at no cost) to confirm that you are using your wallet with a specific address to attempt access.

  • Fill in the data you want on Didit, from personal information you need on the internet, like your email or phone number, to financial data that you can use to pay for e-commerce.

  • Once you have accessed the application, it may ask you to share data that is in your digital identity. With complete control over your privacy, you can decide what information to share and what not to.

  • You can now browse and operate on the application like any other registered user.

If you are on an e-commerce site, Didit allows you to make purchases with just one click. And if you want to enter another website that has our solution, just visit it and connect your wallet. You can then use all the data you have in your Didit account on this new site.

The solution is designed to simplify the authentication process and cryptographic security for people and applications. The development work and logical processes behind the scenes have been simplified to provide a simple and intuitive user experience. With Didit, we can access applications with a single click, make payments with a single click, and have the highest security standards in the market. Didit is poised to be the identity layer of the internet.

Do you want to learn more about how Didit can help you in your daily life? Click in the button to explore all the options our decentralized digital identity solution has to offer.



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