how to create your digital identity

How to create your digital identity?

November 15, 2023

We live surrounded by technology. Nowadays, it is essential for both companies and users to have a strong digital identity that allows us to connect all the fragments we have left throughout our relationship with the internet. It's time for you to become the effective and real owner of your data.

To help you with that, we have created this guide that explains how to create your digital identity step by step.

First of all, what is digital identity?

We can define digital identity as the virtual representation of a person in the digital environment. It refers to the information, characteristics, and actions associated with a specific user on the internet. For example, social media profiles, user-generated content, or participation in forums or communities are part of the digital identity.

Taking care of digital identity has become a crucial topic lately, mainly due to the importance of privacy and security in recent times.

How to create your digital identity step by step with Didit

You are one step away from creating your decentralized and interoperable digital identity. This means that you will be the only person with power over your data, being able to decide at all times what and with whom you want to share your personal information. Moreover, thanks to interoperability, you will be able to identify yourself in any service with just one click, forgetting about those long and boring registration processes.

In this guide, we will explain how to create your digital identity step by step with Didit, our decentralized identity for humanity. For this, you will need a Gmail or Appel email or a digital wallet that allows you to make digital signatures. In this case, we recommend using a decentralized wallet such as Metamask.

Don't know what Metamask is or how to use it? Don't worry, this video explains everything about this wallet.

Log in with your wallet or email to Didit

Once we have our email or digital wallet ready, it is as simple as selecting the technology with which we are going to connect to the solution.

In the case of a digital wallet, a series of pop-ups will appear that you must accept or sign in order for Didit to connect to your decentralized wallet. In a couple of seconds, you will be inside in a totally secure way.

If you prefer by email, either Gmail or Apple, a pop-up will appear and you will have to select the email with which you want to register. Once you have done so, a new window will appear that you must accept in order to log in to Didit.


Fill in the fields with your data

Once you have logged in with your favorite system, you will enter the Didit home page. It's time to start filling in the fields with all the data related to your identity: name, surname, addresses, etc, as well as adding your essentials to accompany you. We are talking about ID card, passport as well as other documentation related to your daily life.

And, in addition, with maximum security. In addition to meeting the highest security standards, we add extra layers to safeguard your data: all the information you add is fully encrypted and only you can decide what and with whom you share this personal data.

This is the decentralized identity that Didit offers.


How does this digital identity solution work?

This new digital identity is based on two concepts: interoperability and decentralization. Under these premises, Didit allows users to identify themselves and make payments in different services with just one click. In this article, we explain how digital identity works, in case you want to learn more about these concepts.

From a more technical point of view, our protocol acts as a verifier of a user's identity. In summary, the wallet authorization generates a unique challenge (policy) that must be digitally signed by the user, and the token endpoint creates access tokens (and other types of tokens) to access the user's identity resources. 

Do you want to see Didit in action? Here you will find a demo where we explain one of the most powerful use cases for this technology.

Do you want to live a decentralized experience with your digital identity? Click on the button below and start your adventure with Didit, you will control all your personal data!


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