Orange and Didit Team Up in the Open Gateway Initiative

Orange and Didit Team Up in the Open Gateway Initiative

February 29, 2024

Key takeaways

1. Open Gateway: An initiative to transform mobile networks: Open Gateway aims to open mobile networks to developers, enabling the creation of new, more secure and efficient digital services.

2. Didit and Orange join forces to boost security and authentication: This collaboration leverages CAMARA APIs and Didit's technology to combat online fraud and strengthen security in telecommunications.

3. Benefits for businesses and users: Open Gateway provides businesses with new tools to create more secure and reliable digital services. Users benefit from increased protection against fraud and identity theft.

4. A step towards a more secure digital future: The collaboration between Didit and Orange in Open Gateway marks a milestone in the telecommunications industry and paves the way for a more secure and inclusive digital future.

In the context of the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Didit has announced a collaboration with Orange as part of the Open Gateway initiative. This endeavor aims to offer new security and authentication tools through developer-friendly APIs. This breakthrough not only aligns with our goal to reduce online fraud but also facilitates the creation of safer and more reliable digital services. It marks a pivotal moment for both the telecom industry and individual security and privacy.

Didit's technology leverages the CAMARA APIs for number change verification and SIM Swapping fraud detection, a significant problem related to identity theft. Thus, we set secure and scalable standards for the telecom industry and businesses globally.

Thanks to this technology, we can provide safer digital interactions, featuring advanced identity verification solutions.

What is the Open Gateway Initiative?

The Open Gateway is an initiative spearheaded by the GSMA, the global association of mobile operators, aimed at transforming telecom networks into open and accessible platforms for developers.

Its primary goal is to unlock the vast potential of mobile networks, enabling a new generation of digital services that are more secure, efficient, and personalized.

This initiative is built on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Standardized APIs: Open Gateway defines a set of open and standardized APIs that allow developers secure and straightforward access to network capabilities.
  2. Collaboration Among Operators: As a multi-operator initiative, telecom operators worldwide are coming together to create an open and interoperable ecosystem.
  3. Open Innovation: Open Gateway encourages open innovation, inviting the developer community to create new applications and services leveraging mobile network capabilities.

Amazon Recognizes Didit as a Success Story

Recently, Amazon highlighted Didit (via its parent company, Gamium) as a success story in utilizing their APIs to combat fraud and identity theft. "They offer a cloud platform for native digital payments and secure transactions between digital identities in gaming and virtual social environments," the article notes.

"The Gamium platform - Didit - is built on AWS Fargate and RDS, among other services. By leveraging number verification and SIM swapping APIs, it provides simplified user authentication, enhanced fraud protection, and secure digital transactions," the article continues.

Undoubtedly, this is a significant step in our mission to reduce identity theft and fraud, making the internet a much more human and safe environment where technology serves people, not the other way around.

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