Spain on the Podium for Data Leaks: Is Didit the solution?

Spain on the Podium for Data Leaks: Is Didit the solution?

November 14, 2023

Spain has been sadly identified as the third most affected country by data leaks, with over 3.7 million accounts compromised. This news has shaken the tech community and general users alike, highlighting a growing concern: the importance of security and privacy of our data on the internet.

In a country with over 40 million internet users like Spain, the security of users' private information becomes a critical issue. Data leaks not only affect individuals but also have an impact on the economy, trust in digital institutions, and the overall perception of online security.

Facing this alarming scenario, there is a need for innovative, robust, and decentralized solutions. Didit, the solution for digital identity, emerges as a promising response to these challenges, offering solid and reliable protection for all users' private information.

Data Leaks in Spain

According to a study by Surfshark, a company specialized in research on digital well-being, privacy, and cybersecurity, data leaks have increased 2.6 times in the last three months. Specifically, in Spain, 3.7 million accounts have been leaked, ranking just behind the United States and Russia. This increase represents a 156% growth, jeopardizing security and trust in digital services.

Possible consequences for users

The consequences of this leak can be devastating for affected users. Exposure of personal and financial data can lead to fraud, identity theft, and, furthermore, a loss of trust in virtually all internet services. Additionally, the leakage of sensitive information can also have an emotional impact, causing stress and anxiety in those affected.

Cost of the leak

Although it is difficult to quantify the exact economic cost of this leak, it is estimated that it could reach millionaire figures in terms of financial losses and damage to reputation, very difficult to quantify. Companies may also face legal penalties and loss of customers, further increasing the total cost.

Didit: the definitive solution for decentralized identity

Against this backdrop, Didit appears as an innovative and completely secure solution. This solution is based on decentralized technology, which allows users to own their own data and private documentation. In other words, the possibility of security breaches and data leakage is reduced practically to zero.

But in addition, as a decentralized identity solution, Didit offers:

  • Security and privacy.
  • Robust protection against leaks and attacks.
  • Full control over personal information, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Compliance with the strictest privacy regulations.

All your essentials in one place

But Didit is much more than a decentralized identity solution for everyone: it is a technology with which you can collect all your information and documentation in an orderly, secure, and private manner. In your Didit identity, you can add your ID, driver's license, or passport, as well as any other document that is important in your day-to-day life.

Thanks to Didit, you will never lose your identity card because it will always be with you.


The data leak in Spain is a wake-up call about the need to protect our digital identity. Didit, with its decentralized and secure approach, offers a promising solution to face these challenges. It's time to take action and protect what we value most: our identity and privacy in the online world. Adopting solutions like Didit can make a difference in the fight against data leaks and ensure a safer digital future.


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