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Didit provides tools to support your business throughout the customer journey, from authentication to checkout, while respecting human privacy.


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Why choose Didit?

Reduce cost

Streamline acquisition processes, reduce transactional costs and compliance expenses.

Convert more clients

Increase onboarding rate and reduce drop offs while discovering new monetization strategies.

Become compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate digital fraud risk with a comprehensive approach.

Maximize revenue

Unlock New Income Streams and optimize financial performance through Innovation.

All-in-one or by modules: the solution you need adapted to your business

Take control with Didit. Our platform was designed with flexibility as a priority, guaranteeing that your business gets exactly what it needs. Immerse yourself now in the future of digital privacy solutions, designed exclusively for you.


Identity Verification & KYC

Provide A.I verification methods for new visitors or leverage existing data for smooth approvals and user experience thanks to our cutting edge OCR / NFC technologies.

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Data Transfer

Unlock personalized experiences and lasting connections with just one-click as users share effortlessly their data, elevating overall satisfaction.

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Unified Access

Combine authentication and authorization for sign-ups using familiar social logins or web3 wallets. Integrate it to your existing auth solution or create a new one.

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Modern Payments

Integrate Digital wallets and user data for a diverse, frictionless purchasing experience. From Bank transfers to secure Blockchain transactions.

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Simplified insights, fortified security

Unlock the full potential of your business with Didit’s streamlined application console. Our intuitive interface offers you a hassle-free way to access valuable customer insights. It’s not just about data; it’s about making smarter decisions. All of this, while adhering to the highest standards of quality, security, and privacy.


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