AI-Generated Fake Documentation, Are You Ready to Fight It?

AI-Generated Fake Documentation, Are You Ready to Fight It?

March 12, 2024

Key takeaways

1. Rise of Online Identity Fraud - The exponential growth of online identity fraud, driven by the ease of creating or acquiring false IDs through artificial intelligence, poses a significant challenge for organizations worldwide.

2. The Emergence of OnlyFake - OnlyFake, a service on the Dark Web selling AI-generated identity documents, has demonstrated the ability to create highly realistic documents, raising concerns about the effectiveness of traditional KYC and AML controls.

3. Didit's Advanced Solutions - In response to this challenge, Didit offers advanced identity verification and KYC solutions, utilizing NFC technology and AI-enhanced biometrics, to provide robust and reliable security.

4. Adaptive and Continuously Learning Technology - Didit stands out for its proprietary technology that continuously learns, adapting to the specific needs of each organization and consistently elevating security levels to effectively combat identity fraud.

Online identity fraud is on the rise. The reason? How easy it is to create (or acquire) a fake identity document with Artificial Intelligence. This is a concern at all levels, highlighting the importance for organizations to have a verification system that allows them to protect themselves and their users.

The alarm was raised by an investigation published by 404 Media in early February, discussing OnlyFake, a clandestine service on the Dark Web that sells identity documents created by AI and neural networks starting at $15. According to the report, OnlyFake can create up to 20,000 documents a day, allowing for complete customization of information, photographs, and countless features. The result is hard-to-detect fake documents which, 404 Media points out, could have been used to bypass KYC and AML controls on various cryptocurrency platforms.

This issue, along with others such as deepfakes or identity theft, should concern different organizations due to the impact they can have on their security and reputation. But at Didit, we can help combat this, ensuring that companies are truly prepared for the massive arrival of these AI-created fake identity documents thanks to humanity tests.


Look for a Next-Generation KYC Provider

Many identity verification or KYC systems are outdated. The majority of these services still work with manual processes, requiring individuals to validate and assess each piece of documentation and its authenticity one by one—a technique that leaves the door open to fraud.

In light of these fake documents, systems that allow document uploads, being merely photographs of photographs, are also scrutinized. Fraudulent documentation issued on sites like OnlyFake can be validated by these services without further checks.

To combat identity fraud, next-generation and automatic KYC verification providers are necessary. At Didit, for example, we use NFC technology to read the chip in official and regulated documentation to validate a person's humanity and check their information. The chip includes each individual's personal information, issued by the Police (or the competent body) of each country, making it unalterable.

Opt for a System that Performs Multi-Layered Verifications

Uploading a photograph should not be enough to verify an identity online: confirmations must be made across different layers before green-lighting a verification. This way, falling into the trap of fake documentation becomes more complicated.

What are the other checks that should be done to correctly verify a person's identity?

  • AI-powered biometrics and life tests. Ensures that the person on the other side of the screen is who they claim to be and is indeed present. This allows us to confirm that the documentation is genuine, real, and corresponds to the individual.
  • AML and sanctions checks. We review sanction lists and money laundering to safeguard both your reputation and that of your users.
  • Passive detection signals. Our SDK adds alternative layers to prevent fraud in each verification.

Choose Proprietary Technology That Trains and Adapts to Your Organization's Needs

The emergence of OnlyFake and its fake documents highlights one thing: fraud on the internet never rests. Therefore, it's crucial that the technology fighting this type of crime doesn't stop either.

At Didit, unlike other identity verification service providers, we have proprietary technology that continuously trains. Each verification process, whether successful or not, allows our Machine Learning model to learn more, enabling us to continually raise our security levels, already extremely high.

Thus, Didit is always training our verification models to combat these types of identity frauds.

Another advantage of a KYC system based on proprietary technology like ours is that it can fully adapt to the needs of each business. So, if your organization required a specific feature to deploy the verification system, we could develop it specifically to ensure that identity fraud does not become a headache.

A Professional Solution That Eliminates 99% of Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is growing exponentially. Private data sold and found on the Dark Web, combined with sophisticated techniques promoted by OnlyFake, allow this type of cybercrime to

continuously increase. For just $15, anyone could get one of these highly realistic fake documents.

This highlights the need for professional and robust identity verification solutions to help end fraud. Thanks to our proprietary technology, based on NFC and advanced AI biometrics, we have a 99% accuracy in the verification process.

Because remember, our mission is to humanize the internet. And what's more human than people interacting safely online?

Didit as Your Identity Verification and KYC Service... and More

At Didit, you'll find the ideal partner to fight identity fraud and the growing wave of AI-developed Fake IDs. Our identity verification and KYC service is part of the Didit Business suite, which allows you to accompany individuals throughout the entire customer journey, with effective onboarding, enabling smart data exchange to offer personalized experiences, and empowering your business with Wallet-As-A-Service and blockchain payments.

Dive deep into the potential of our verification technology with our demo.

discover how didit technology works

Our KYC method accepts over 3,000 types of identity documents, offers 99% accuracy, and verifies identities in as little as three seconds, providing an unparalleled user experience.

We invite you to learn more about the technology that has caught the attention of major telecoms in the Open Gateway framework.


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