Revolutionizing Bank Customer Service with Biometric Technology

Revolutionizing Bank Customer Service with Biometric Technology

January 12, 2024

Key takeaways


1. Enhanced Efficiency with Biometrics: Implementing automated solutions based on biometrics and AI in banking significantly transforms customer service, streamlining service enrollment and identity validation processes securely and effectively.

2. Progress from Manual Methods: Manual banking processes, prone to errors and fraud, have evolved with digital verification technologies like Didit, offering a faster and more reliable system for identity management.

3. Instantaneous Verification: Didit enables near-instant verifications, substantially reducing customer wait times and enhancing their experience, with technologies like NFC and advanced AI systems.

4. Compliance and Global Coverage: Didit not only adheres to national and European regulations such as eIDAS 2, MiCA, and GDPR but also provides extensive coverage with a database of over 3,000 documents from more than 190 countries, ensuring reliable and global identity verification.

Precision, security, and effectiveness are three of the main characteristics companies look for when implementing any solution in their workflow. And, of course, when it comes to verifying digital identities, the situation is no different. Therefore, automated solutions based on biometrics and artificial intelligence can significantly enhance customer service in bank branches or even remotely.

Near-instant service enrollment and personalized experiences are just two of the potential benefits that come to mind with these automated processes, though they are certainly not the only ones.

Because identity validation and KYC technologies like Didit open the door to a new world of verifications and management, which can be done both remotely and in person. Say goodbye to potential human errors, fear of fraud, and get ready to offer a better user experience with record-time verifications thanks to our innovative biometric and artificial intelligence technology.

What Happened Before Biometric Tools?

Providing an excellent customer experience is crucial in the banking sector, as in almost any competitive environment. Until relatively recently, most bank-related processes were excessively delayed because they had to be managed manually. Remember how long it took you to open your first bank account? It probably took more than 10 or 15 minutes while all the mandatory and necessary checks of your documentation were carried out, and your fingerprints were taken...

And if time seemed to crawl for you, imagine how it was for those waiting in line behind you.

That was the scenario in those times, perhaps not so distant. A purely manual process required customers and bank operators alike to fill out and work with one or several handwritten forms (depending on the product being contracted). The likelihood of making an error was high, as with almost any manual task.

For years, banking processes were manual, resulting in time-consuming procedures, potential errors and a higher risk of fraud.

Closely related to the previous point, the risk of fraud is also exponentially greater, especially those related to documentation provided by potential customers. Often, the eyes of a bank operator are incapable of detecting and differentiating nearly perfect clones in terms of shape, size, or color, of official documents.

Now, times have changed. And for the better.

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Exponential Improvement Thanks to Biometric Solutions

In our times, where the immediacy we're accustomed to goes hand in hand with effective and secure systems, situations like the above should be unthinkable, although they still occasionally repeat. Identification and verification technologies like Didit allow companies in the banking sector to take a step forward and provide their clients with the best possible user experience.

Thanks to the digitization of processes, such as KYC (Know Your Customer) in automatic mode to verify identities, processing times are substantially reduced. Didit works with cutting-edge technologies, like NFC, so that the chip issued by official bodies is read, while biometrics and advanced artificial intelligence systems ensure that the person on the other side is who they claim to be.

The result? Near-instant verifications, which can even be done in three seconds, and the best possible user experience.

Now, automated systems such as Didit improve processes such as identity verification: from 3 seconds to 3 hours.

But this is not the only advantage. Didit has a database of more than 3,000 documents from over 200 countries worldwide, making it valid with virtually all documents globally. Additionally, we can boast that our technology is proprietary and that it complies with major national and European regulations, like eIDAS 2, MiCA, or GDPR.

Want to learn more about Didit? Click here and see for yourself in our Demo Center how our biometric verification system works or, if you prefer, click the button below to speak with sales. Make the leap to the automatic revolution!


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