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Revolutionizing the Banking Industry with Automated Identity Verification

April 24, 2024

Key takeaways

1. Automated identity verification, powered by technologies such as NFC, biometrics, and artificial intelligence, is revolutionizing the banking industry by enhancing security, reducing fraud, and optimizing the user experience.

2. Adopting innovative identity verification solutions is crucial for financial institutions to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world while complying with international regulations and standards.

3. The benefits of automated identity verification in the banking industry include increased operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction through fast and frictionless onboarding processes.

4. Didit Business positions itself as a leader in automated identity verification for the banking industry, offering a solution that combines cutting-edge technologies, complies with the most stringent regulations, and ensures data security and privacy.

Identity verification has become a fundamental process for the banking industry. It's not just about reducing fraud in the digital age, such as identity theft, but also a regulatory issue that financial companies must comply with. That's why offering a compliant, secure method that provides a good user experience is essential. And Didit's KYC solution meets all these premises and also allows for automation.

A good proof of these new needs in the industry is personified, among other players, by neobanks. These entities, which only offer services and operate online, need a verification system fully adapted to their needs - a problem that traditional methods cannot solve. Why? Immediacy, security, and good user experience.

Customers of any banking service demand speed in any transaction, and traditional methods, usually plagued by manual processes, are the antithesis of this premise. Precisely, being a manual process can cause some security leaks, such as the new identity documents generated by Artificial Intelligence, which have already wreaked havoc on some services - and not exactly with traditional verification mechanisms. In short, customers demand convenience during their onboarding process with banking services.

Faced with this demand, it becomes evident that financial institutions need an automated system, with the latest and most secure technology for identity verification that helps the user have an effective onboarding process. That's why Didit Business is revolutionizing identity verification in the banking industry.

The Revolution of Automated Identity Verification in the Banking Industry

To lead this revolution, Didit relies on three fundamental pillars: NFC technology, biometrics, and Artificial Intelligence and automation. All of these play a fundamental role in our identity verification solution.Thanks to NFC technology, we can check and confirm that the information appearing on the official documentation used to pass the KYC process is correct. IDs or passports integrate a chip with encoded information issued by state agencies. Our technology allows us to read this information and contrast it with what is shown on the document, to confirm (or not) that data. That's why NFC verifications are the most secure on the market.

Biometrics plays a fundamental role in this process. Thanks to this development, we can ensure that the person is really who they claim to be. We analyze facial biometric patterns using Artificial Intelligence to ensure document ownership.

All of the above allows Didit to offer an automated system to verify people's identities in the banking industry. A technology that continuously improves to provide a secure system.

All of the above allows us to offer an automated system to verify identities in the banking industry. Moreover, this solution improves continuously, since Didit's development integrates what is known as Machine Learning, which allows for continuous improving. In this way, validations are increasingly more secure.

What Benefits Does Automated Verification Offer in the Banking Industry?

The benefits offered by this automated system are many and varied. But we will mainly highlight three:

  • Increased security and fraud prevention. Thanks to biometrics, NFC technology, and the continuous learning of our platform, the possibility of fraud (or human error) is reduced to almost zero.
  • Better customer experience. Thanks to Didit, people enjoy an excellent user experience, as they can verify their identity in record time (in just three seconds) and even enjoy a reusable verified identity.
  • Efficiency and cost reduction. With the automation of this process, efficiency is much higher (especially compared to traditional methods), and costs are optimized, allowing for budget improvements.

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Regulatory Compliance and International Standards

Regulation in the financial industry is continuously advancing to end fraud. It is not enough to just offer an innovative and efficient solution; it is essential that it complies with international regulations and standards. And this is where Didit Business and its identity verification solution make a difference.Our technology is designed to adapt to the most demanding regulations, such as the fight against money laundering (AML) or know your customer (KYC).

Thanks to this, the institutions that integrate us can comply with these requirements efficiently and effectively without compromising the user experience. In addition, we are committed to always being up-to-date with the guidelines issued by the main organizations, both national and international, such as the European Banking Authority (EBA) or the European Commission.

And all this without forgetting the security and privacy of data. At Didit, we have the highest encryption and security protocols, so we guarantee that information is always safe. That's why we comply with the ISO 27001 standard and the GDPR regulation.


In short, automated identity verification has become a key element in the banking industry in the digital age. Thanks to this innovative and efficient solution, fraud can be reduced, regulations can be met, and an excellent user experience can be provided. All this, thanks to the use of technologies such as NFC, biometrics, or artificial intelligence, which allows financial institutions to provide their authentication system with greater security. In addition to complying, of course, with the most demanding regional regulations on money laundering (AML) or KYC.

Do you dare to revolutionize your identity verification system? Contact us and discover how Didit Business can help you stay at the forefront in an increasingly digital world. Click on the image and contact our specialists.


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