Information Security Policy

The Management of Didit is aware that information, personal data of our clients, products, services, and organization knowledge are significant assets and, therefore, require adequate protection.

To respond to the trust, you place in us and to ensure the quality and security of the services offered, Didit has implemented an Information Security and Privacy Management System aimed at an effective management of the risks to which they are exposed and, with this, guarantee an adequate internal control of the same, identifying areas for enhancement, implementing best practices, and staying ahead of emerging technologies and threats.

With this Policy, the Management of Didit is committed to preserving the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information assets, products, and services. This Policy also provides the foundation for our Information Security and Privacy Management System, which must enable us to:

  • Establishing the necessary objectives and responsibilities.
  • The integration of Information Security and Privacy Protection in all processes and services of the organization.
  • Align with the highest standards of security to minimize risks to the security and privacy of information.
  • Preservation of the privacy of the data of our customers, users, stakeholders, and staff.
  • Preservation of the company's knowledge and intellectual property.
  • Compliance with business, contractual, legal, and regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • The application of the guidelines, standards, and procedures established on time.
  • The awareness and continuous training of all staff.
  • The fully satisfactory resolution of incidents and learning from them.
  • A process of review and continuous improvement.

This commitment forms the foundation of our information security practices and serves as a guiding principle in all aspects of our business. By adhering to this Information Security Policy, we demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding information assets, ensuring the success of our products, and maintaining the trust of our customers and stakeholders.

The scope of this Policy includes all employees, contractors, and third-party collaborating companies that have access to the Didit systems and information and the information systems that support the business processes and services provided.

Information security is everyone's responsibility, and together, we will contribute to a secure and thriving digital environment. Whatever the job position and functions of each employee, we are all fully responsible for its application in daily work, thus ensuring its effectiveness, continuous improvement, and the satisfaction of customers and users.

This Information Security and Privacy Policy is disseminated, understood, implemented, and updated at all levels of the company and made available to the general public.

Alejandro Rosas & Alberto Rosas, Co CEOS