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Solutions for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The problem in CEX business

Cryptocurrency exchanges face the challenge of adhering to a complex array of international and local regulations. They must comply with global standards like KYC, AML, and CFT, while also navigating unique requirements in various jurisdictions, MiCA in Europe. The rise of DeFi introduces additional regulatory complexities.

Moreover, the global and decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies adds to the difficulty in maintaining compliance and financial transparency. These exchanges need to stay abreast of rapidly changing laws and ensure secure, user-friendly platforms in a highly scrutinized industry.

How our solutions solves them

With Didit, equip your cryptocurrency exchanges with the necessary tools for seamless compliance:

Secure Identity Verification

We offer OCR/NFC and 1-click verification solutions, streamlining the onboarding process while ensuring that your operation stays within the bounds of regulatory requirements.

Ultra-Fast KYC technology

Didit has the fastest route to regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency sector. Our cutting-edge technology drastically reduces verification times, ensuring that your exchange provides a great user experience with efficiency and security.

Comprehensive Regulatory Alignment

Our platform adapts to global and local regulations, including KYC, AML, and CFT requirements, as well as specific laws like MiCA. We provide a robust framework for legal operations in the dynamic world of digital assets.

User Trust and Security

Fortify user trust with our secure verification protocols and transparent processes, ensuring a safe trading environment within the digital currency ecosystem.

Cost-Effective Integration

Didit’s solutions can be integrated into existing systems swiftly, minimizing the need for extensive technological upgrades and reducing the net cost of user acquisition.

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KYC & ID verification

Smooth user verification with advanced A.I and OCR/NFC technologies.

KYC & ID verification
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Unified Access

Easy sign-ups with social logins or web3 wallets into your website.

Unified Access

Digital Payments

Frictionless payments with digital wallets, supporting fiat & crypto methods.

Digital Payments

Data Transfer

One-click data sharing for personalized and connected user interactions.

Data Transfer