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Identity Solutions for e-Commerce

The problem in e-commerce

E-commerce businesses operate in a digital marketplace that requires balancing user convenience with stringent security and compliance measures. These companies must navigate a myriad of regulations concerning data protection, consumer rights, and transactional security. The need to verify customer identity to prevent fraud, especially in high-value transactions, is paramount.

At the same time, they face the challenge of providing a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. Ensuring the privacy of customer data while adhering to international and local e-commerce regulations adds to the complexity. Additionally, e-commerce platforms need to manage cross-border transactions, which involve varied legal and tax implications. Keeping up with these ever-evolving regulations and maintaining a secure, efficient, and consumer-friendly platform is a significant challenge in the e-commerce sector.

How our solutions solves them

Didit’s technology streamlines compliance and security processes for e-commerce businesses

Adapts Identity Verification

Robust tools for customer identity verification to prevent fraud.

Data Protection Compliance

Ensures adherence to data protection laws and regulations.

User-Friendly Experience

Balances security measures with a seamless shopping experience.

Cross-Border Transaction Support

Manages legal and tax implications of international sales.

Enhancing Consumer Confidence

Builds trust with strong privacy and security protocols.

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Discover ways people can use our products

KYC & ID verification

Smooth user verification with advanced A.I and OCR/NFC technologies.

KYC & ID verification
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Unified Access

Easy sign-ups with social logins or web3 wallets into your website.

Unified Access

Digital Payments

Frictionless payments with digital wallets, supporting fiat & crypto methods.

Digital Payments

Data Transfer

One-click data sharing for personalized and connected user interactions.

Data Transfer