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Identity Solutions for Gambling & Online Casinos

The problem in Gambling Industry

One of the biggest hurdles for online casinos and gaming companies is ensuring compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, as well as ensuring that whoever is on the other side of the screen is of legal age.

These protocols (KYC and AML, among others) protect the industry from financial crime, but can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when done manually, often resulting in a frustrating user experience. All this, not to mention the need to check the age of our prospective user. These checks, while crucial, can often be a barrier to entry for many potential users, resulting in lost business opportunities.

How our solutions solves them

Verifying the identity of your users has never been as simple as it is today thanks to Didit:

Simplified Identity Verification

Our AI-based system, with NFC and OCR technology, enables fast and secure verification of your users. In addition, our solution allows you to reuse previous verifications, ensuring the fastest processes on the market.

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy:

Didit's platform is designed to be fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations, ensuring that your business stays ahead of legal requirements without the need for constant oversight.

Seamless User Onboarding

Our technology enables users to register quickly, with age and identity verification taking just seconds. This smooth onboarding process significantly enhances user satisfaction and retention rates.

Fraud and Risk Mitigation

By utilizing advanced verification methods, Didit helps in preventing bonus abuse and other fraudulent activities, thereby safeguarding your platform's integrity.

Cost-Effective Integration

Didit's solutions can be integrated into existing systems swiftly, minimizing the need for extensive technological upgrades and reducing the net cost of user acquisition.

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KYC & ID verification

Smooth user verification with advanced A.I and OCR/NFC technologies.

KYC & ID verification
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Unified Access

Easy sign-ups with social logins or web3 wallets into your website.

Unified Access

Digital Payments

Frictionless payments with digital wallets, supporting fiat & crypto methods.

Digital Payments

Data Transfer

One-click data sharing for personalized and connected user interactions.

Data Transfer