Effortless onboardings
and sign-in methods

Didit not only revolutionizes your users' onboarding process but redefines Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) by seamlessly blending social login with advanced and innovative technologies like Web3. Let your users experience tomorrow's journey today with Didit.

Allow your users to sign in & log in with Gmail, Apple ID, and email

Web3 compatible: including Metamask, Coinbase, Rainbow and +200 more wallets

Seamlessly integrate CIAM for advanced authentication and authorization, ensuring secure user access and data protection


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Why choose Didit’s CIAM?

Simplifying Access with Next-Gen Login Solutions. Users can effortlessly select their preferred method, ensuring you deliver top-tier security smoothly and efficiently.


Accurate data validation through authenticated events, spanning specific information and devices.


Companies can monitor authorized user data in real-time, deriving valuable insights to fuel informed decisions.


Our solution is designed with security at its core, ensuring the protection of your customers' identity data.


Optimize user onboarding, conversion, and engagement. Boost revenue by rolling out intuitive and trustworthy experiences.

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